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  gwillz c18d27f7f8 renamed, cleaned up 5 years ago
  gwillz 5eff036c72 added gitlab ci 5 years ago
  gwillz e807d9051d removed unnecessary dlls, updated installer 5 years ago
  gwillz ae7e0c69ff updated archlinux installer 5 years ago
  Gwilyn Saunders 7aed24fd81 Merge branch 'qt5' into 'master' 5 years ago
  gwillz f9a476f9b9 removed setup.exe from git, added privacy policy to permissions 5 years ago
  gwillz f1f18e4dd3 missing bits and pieces 5 years ago
  gwillz cc1cf049a7 version year bump, removed window select on single screens 5 years ago
  gwillz a7d00d8fca massive tweaks, integrated permission accepting 5 years ago
  gwillz a7d967b632 added fb serverside icons 5 years ago
  gwillz 01c6f0bb87 updated windows installer, set compressor to whole lzma 5 years ago
  gwillz 366fa41a89 updated installer to qt5 & mingw 5 years ago
  gwillz 2768afc545 fixed login tab-stop, other tweaks 5 years ago
  gwillz d904032dbc added clear cache button, issue #26 5 years ago
  gwillz c89ff96af2 updated to suit qt5.3 mingw4.8 5 years ago
  gwillz d5b0be0a39 update windows installer 5 years ago
  Gwillz Saunders f64ce5fd41 Merge branch 'v2' into 'master' 5 years ago
  Gwilyn Saunders e5f0070883 updated archlinux installer 5 years ago
  gwillz d15ad50735 updated windows binary 5 years ago
  gwillz e467f4a804 updated windows installer 5 years ago
  gwillz 57ce39a5d8 changed homepage to non-lincoln dealio 5 years ago
  Gwillz Saunders 51cc526faa Merge branch 'v2' into 'master' 5 years ago
  gwillz 3da4d73f10 streamlined fb integration, single authentication 5 years ago
  gwillz c088e98bfe added error handling/login failure handling 5 years ago
  gwillz 1ba9fa0c50 updated window installer 5 years ago
  gwillz 27b0d62a32 fixed fbapi to match v2.2, working app 5 years ago
  gwillz 012a8472d5 added screen selection dialog 5 years ago
  gwillz dde75c0b88 Merge branch v2 5 years ago
  gwillz cb9cc450ef v2 changes 5 years ago
  Gwilyn Saunders 8c94ba006c updated archlinux installer 6 years ago