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  gwillz ed8d27e97a removed py2 builds from CI 2 years ago
  gwillz fe4448e56e fixed librpip install script 2 years ago
  gwillz fe607038c1 version 0.3.3 2 years ago
  gwillz a7dc762881 added pin->channel maps to readme 2 years ago
  gwillz 558318d8d3 added script 2 years ago
  gwillz 706538fa0c fixed pwm pin -> channel maps 2 years ago
  gwillz e79bae6824 added playAsync to pwm interface 2 years ago
  gwillz 2e8edd2b46 missing wait_for, changed to thread.join 3 years ago
  gwillz ea8d481510 changed project namespace, version bump 0.3.2 3 years ago
  gwillz 36bd557c24 add list of scores to notes __main__ 3 years ago
  gwillz 10497f3154 migrated avent to epevents 3 years ago
  gwillz bbab5eee42 lint compliant, version bump 0.3.1 3 years ago
  gwillz 7ed4485995 added CI 3 years ago
  gwillz 6e535ef2b4 added GoT themes to scores 3 years ago
  gwillz cf2c8d4166 removed notif scores 3 years ago
  gwillz 6ac05fda42 added rgb helper class 3 years ago
  gwillz b4d8fee153 added All Star, tweaked error sounds 3 years ago
  gwillz 03c70d8730 faster outputs with persistent file dict, version bump 3 years ago
  gwillz 751946c658 missing backends on install 3 years ago
  gwillz e7349f636a added more scores, executable for playing scores 3 years ago
  gwillz 80b5ede36b Merge branch 'feature-inputs' 3 years ago
  gwillz 9f65dbe73f added rising/falling for rpi backend 3 years ago
  gwillz 0959372cc5 fixed native inputs 3 years ago
  gwillz dba8c0d769 fixed imports from name change 3 years ago
  gwillz ce381c9c96 butchered native inputs 3 years ago
  gwillz 299e7a9320 fixed imports from name change 3 years ago
  gwillz 809566c3c1 added initial callbacks for native 3 years ago
  gwillz 1289c83e42 added usage to readme 3 years ago
  gwillz 3926a7d28b renamed package to pygpio 3 years ago
  gwillz f41f6da8ed fixed native pwm, added atexit register instead of __del__ 3 years ago