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This project attempts to unify the many different ways to interface with GPIO in a unified, formal, and consistent manner. It provides an simple interface for controlling digital output and PWM, and an event library for interrupt inputs.

Hopefully, through this library your projects can make use of whichever backend suits your needs without having to commit to one form or another. Using this interface library also allows for easier unit-testing with a mock backend.

Supported Backends

  • RPi.GPIO >= 0.6+
  • WiringPi >= 2.0+
  • PyGPIO Native


from pygpio import Gpio, modes

# default uses NativeBackend
g = Gpio() # or Gpio(WiringBackend), Gpio(RpiBackend)

# output, numbering in BCM/GPIO
g.setup(23, modes.OUT)
g.write(23, True) # turn on
g.write(23, False) # turn off

# input
g.setup(24, modes.IN)

# interrupt events
def callme(sender, pin):
    print("event on", pin)
g.onFalling += callme
g.onRising += callme

 # PWM setup returns a Pwm() object
p = g.setup(18, modes.PWM)
p.start(440, duty=0.50)

# pygpio includes a notes library for creating music
from pygpio import notes
p.start(notes.Gs * notes.octave.up)

# also a 'music score' format
p.playScore([0.1, notes.A, notes.C, note.E])

g.cleanup() # this is also called when python exits (via atexit)

Setup for Native Backend

# get librpip - this initializes the pwm clock and sets the correct permissions
tar -xf librpip-0.3.2.tar.gz
cd librpip-0.3.2/

# create pwm group
sudo groupadd -r pwm
sudo usermod -aG pwm pi

# install librpip
sudo make install

# install pwm init service
sudo cp distro/arch/pwm-init.service /etc/systemd/system
sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable pwm-init

# add pwm to the boot config
sudo su -c 'echo dtoverlay=pwm,pin=12,func=4 > /boot/config.txt'

sudo reboot

Pin Channel Mapping

(for Raspberry Pi)

Note: pins >40 are only available on the Compute Module

PWM Pin func mode
PWM0 12 4 alt0
PWM0 18 2 alt5
PWM0 40 4 alt0
PWM0 52 5 alt1
PWM1 13 4 alt0
PWM1 19 2 alt5
PWM1 41 4 alt0
PWM1 45 4 alt0
PWM1 53 5 alt1