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  gwillz eb37738239 Update readme. 10 months ago
  gwillz fc71e7d10b Npm audit. 1 year ago
  gwillz be61fb28ca Added some todos. 1 year ago
  gwillz 1b98c0e84e Fix tutorial link in help dialog. 1 year ago
  gwillz 0f6420dde5 A slightly better fix for scroll-to re-rendering. 2 years ago
  gwillz dd34a2b0ec A bad fix for scroll-to on edit, but works for now. 2 years ago
  gwillz f2c5a3d1f1 Preserve preview scroll position when adding/removing slides. 2 years ago
  gwillz 09389665c9 Live markdown updates (as you type), removed render button/ctrl+enter. 2 years ago
  gwillz f6ddedc8a7 Better typings for redux dispatch actions. 2 years ago
  gwillz 8706b73319 Lazy scroll-to-slide behaviour. 2 years ago
  gwillz c70d71a233 Only render markdown component on content changes. 2 years ago
  gwillz 6966ddfa43 Updated readme; added build instructions. 2 years ago
  gwillz c023e4d433 Added deploy script. 2 years ago
  gwillz d26595191c Updated readme. 2 years ago
  gwillz 7ae5dbd329 Fix requestFullscreen for older browsers. 2 years ago
  gwillz 29f605f687 Minor fix for light-mode button/scrollbar colours. 2 years ago
  gwillz bbedb4c526 Updated readme. 2 years ago
  gwillz 11fe6ba22e Fix rendering on preview/fullscreen buttons. 2 years ago
  gwillz 95a4d6fcca Updated dts-webpack plugin to canonical. 2 years ago
  gwillz 28fa57d8c3 Fix loading the tutorial on gh-pages. 2 years ago
  gwillz ec08d9a1ec Updated absolute js URLs to relative. 2 years ago
  gwillz 65b19fd996 Added gh-pages deploy. 2 years ago
  gwillz 20a171c0f2 Updated github link. 2 years ago
  gwillz 109e31de86 Fix outstanding type errors from css modules. 2 years ago
  gwillz 3d1d666ff6 Updated css build process (into webpack). 2 years ago
  gwillz 78ff763644 Fix classnames typings. 2 years ago
  gwillz 7d01b2bffa Updated readme. 2 years ago
  gwillz 292447be3e Fix tutorial deploy. 2 years ago
  gwillz 736f8d1984 Better tutorial link. 2 years ago
  gwillz bea3a33c86 'New file' button and confirm dialog. 2 years ago