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  gwillz 044f80d8ce updated test imports and CI to reflect py2 compat 3 years ago
  gwillz 551ea170d3 added py2 compat version of fluid and strict 3 years ago
  gwillz f5a2c77c45 updated readme, version bump 0.7 3 years ago
  gwillz fdfe6213d9 cleanup, doc stuff 3 years ago
  gwillz 2de67edd65 added strict events 3 years ago
  gwillz fe9558a8cf ensure_fire tests complete 3 years ago
  gwillz 60a404878e moved fire_me to 'Fluid' class, added ensure_fire 3 years ago
  gwillz a0d235dc5f event returns tuple on fire, better tests 3 years ago
  gwillz f1368acc00 better fire_me 3 years ago
  gwillz 6af214ed89 test updates 3 years ago
  gwillz 2d4b412703 fixed python2 clear() compat 4 years ago
  gwillz 77af9a3a46 fixed tests, fixed dynamicfire import and poor avent firing 4 years ago
  gwillz adc9876d59 readme updated 4 years ago
  gwillz a5f24914f6 version 0.6, dropped non-async from Avent, removed stopthread, added sender-abject detection, added wait_for, removed magic sub-main 4 years ago
  gwillz d40deabb34 added pypi stage to CI 4 years ago
  gwillz a8dd4e49bf version bump 4 years ago
  gwillz 4b967c55a1 docs everywhere 4 years ago
  gwillz 7fb7a99322 added stopthread and abject testing 4 years ago
  gwillz 1d1248e4ff added tests for submain and dynamicfire 4 years ago
  gwillz 995bbb7f94 added event and avent tests 4 years ago
  gwillz f5b0bbeb3e fixed stopthread.is_alive, added dymanic-arg firing 4 years ago
  gwillz fde466e620 added exiting timeout for sub-main stopping 4 years ago
  gwillz fa08f63a03 added sub-main thread for async events 4 years ago
  gwillz 23b4838304 added stop(wait=) to stopthreads, version bump 4 years ago
  gwillz 8c0ff73582 version bump, readme badges 4 years ago
  gwillz e692c98fc0 added unit test framework 4 years ago
  gwillz 88bf2c6104 python 3 compat 4 years ago
  gwillz 2fa6197f36 fix deploy-api CI job 4 years ago
  gwillz d90aaf923f CI installs with --user 4 years ago
  gwillz 23b5055cef added tags to CI 4 years ago